Republican’s Have to Unite

The race for the Presidency has been a wild one as we all know this election cycle. Unfortunately we run the risk of it getting too personal. Right now two of three front runner’s are talking about ears, sweating to much, drinking to much water and peeing their pants. The problem with these kinds of attacks is they stay in people’s minds when their candidate drops out of the race. Policy issue differences are what involved voter’s want to hear, but most people are casual observers who only listen to the sound bites. A candidate can throw out a nasty slam, in a ten second soundbite, and that may be all the low information voter hears today.

When this cycle began Donald Trump announced his bid and very few people ever gave him a chance. Trump has tuned into the anger in this country over the direction we are headed. Being an outsider people trust what he is saying because they don’t feel he is beholden to anyone or any Super-Pac. He has hit on illegal immigration, which has always been a talking point during election’s, by saying he will build a big beautiful wall. With the ISIS problem in the middle East and Europe he hit on the fears of our nation when he said he would stop all Muslim’s from coming into this country till we figure out what is going on. Jobs and taxes are a big issue this year, as always, and people trust a billionaire businessman to be able to fix these problems. Trump supporters are very loyal and the GOP establishment is still worried Trump will go third party if he doesn’t win the nomination.

Marco Rubio has taken over the mantle of “Establishment Candidate” after Jeb Bush suspended his campaign. Marco has always been a moderate which the GOP thinks is the way to win the general election. The establishment has thrown moderates at Republican voter’s for the last two cycles. We had John McCain, who is a rhino, in 08. Then Mitt Romney, who Obama modeled his Obamacare after, in 2012. Both of these attempts to fly middle of the road failed miserably. Rubio has not won any states thus far and he only finished 2nd once, but the main stream media has treated his recent campaign as though he is the front runner. When he came in third in Iowa he was exalted as though he won by thirty points, giving a 30 minute speech. The mainstream media covered his entire speech as though he won. When he came in 5th in New Hampshire they said under the circumstances it was a great finish for him. He has the middle of the road voter’s.

Ted Cruz is running as an “outside the belt line” candidate even though he is a U.S. Senator. Cruz is running as the only true conservative in the race. He went against the gang of 8 with amnesty. He stood against Obama’s illegal Executive Order on Amnesty. He has fought for grass roots conservative principles, that he says he was elected to do. Cruz has attacked other candidates in this race but has kept the punches above the belt. He has attacked Rubio on his gang of 8 support. He has went after Trump on his past as a liberal who has donated to liberal candidates. So far Cruz has kept his criticism’s on policy not on appearances or bodily functions.

There will ultimately be one nominee and we have to hope that there is enough substance left in this nominee that the rest of the voter’s can rally around him. In 2012 enough evangelicals stayed home, due to Romney being a Mormon, that they gave the election to Obama. Obama has proven that he has no Christian beliefs, so Romney would have obviously been a better choice for the Christian electorate. The democrats will always rally around there candidate, no matter how bad they are. Republican’s need to do the same and support our candidate, whether he is your first, second or third choice. Trump’s downside is his liberal leanings, but he is way right of the Democrats. Rubio’s downside is he is to much of an establishment candidate, but he is way more conservative then the Democratic candidates. Cruz is a far right strong conservative and the electorate will be told he can not win because he won’t pick up independent’s, but strong conservative ideals will always draw in the undecided. Which ever candidate you follow right now continue to support them to the fullest. If they do not get the nomination we as Republican’s need to support the eventual nominee with the same fervor. Let me be clear on this fact, if a Democrat wins this election we are done as a nation. They will further divide the races. They will cause more people to become dependent on the system which will turn them into a larger voting class. They will load the Supreme Court with liberals who will not interpret laws based on the constitution. They will bring hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees into this nation under the guise of compassion. Republican’s have to unite.

Close Our Borders

There has been a lot of talk going back decades about closing our borders and becoming a sovereign nation again. Never has it been more in your face then during this election cycle. Trump has pushed the issue to a level that the main stream media can no longer bury it. These illegal alien’s have been a problem for the American people everyday for decades, not just for ten months of every four year election cycle. They talk about the eleven million illegal’s that are here already, can someone tell me how they are counting them if indeed they are here illegally? That real number is closer to thirty million and some have said it could be as high as fifty million. If they told you that almost seven percent of our population was here illegally, using our countries system, taking away jobs and not paying any taxes in return you may stand up in revolt then.

Ted Cruz in a debate, when asked about this problem, said that if politicians, lawyers or reporters were streaming over the border then there would be a lot more attention given to the problem. The problem of illegal’s gets a lot of play for politicians when running for office but only American citizens actually care that something gets done. The liberal’s see them as the next wave of the Democratic base. Marco Rubio has talked about legalizing these people but not citizenship when he joined Chuck Schoomer and the “Gang of Eight” to draft this legislation. How long do you think, once they are legalized, before the Progressives say that it is basically back to “voting rights act” only in Mexican form. “Taxation without representation” isn’t that why we had the revolution in the first place. The Republican party and its large business donors see illegal’s as cheap labor, workers that do not need to be insured. Through lobbyists and donations they allow the narrative of closing the borders during elections because they know nothing will ever really be done.

Donald Trump says,”I will build a wall, a big beautiful wall and Mexico will pay for it”. With the amount of aid we send to Mexico we could just keep a few billion and get it built. If we’re ever going to get it done “We the People” are going to have to do it. I am making a proposal to every worker who has been affected by illegal alien’s driving down our wages; every worker who lost work because of the inability to compete with this “slave labor”; and every family who can no longer afford health insurance while the government spends over seven hundred and fifty million dollars on health coverage for illegals. My proposal is to pledge labor or donation’s to building this wall. Please comment if you would be willing to work on securing our sovereignty and rebuilding our middle class.

5 Most Important Presidential Factors

  • Audit the Fed: Auditing the Federal Reserve is actually one of the most important issues that we have to put our economy back on stable footing. The Reserve has been printing 85 billion dollars a month for years and putting it into the stock market to prop it up and make this country appear to be in recovery. “Requiring the Government Accountability Office to conduct a full and independent audit of the Fed each and every year, would be an important step towards making the Federal Reserve a more democratic institution that is responsive to the needs of ordinary Americans rather than the billionaires on Wall Street,” the Independent senator Paul said in a statement. 
  • Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP): “Investor-State Dispute Settlement,” or ISDS would undermine U.S. sovereignty. If a foreign company that makes the toxic chemical opposes the law, it would normally have to challenge it in a U.S. court. But with ISDS, the company could skip the U.S. courts and go before an international panel of arbitrators. If the company won, the ruling couldn’t be challenged in U.S. courts, and the arbitration panel could require American taxpayers to cough up millions — and even billions — of dollars in damages. So if a Vietnamese company with U.S. operations wanted to challenge an increase in the U.S. minimum wage, it could use ISDS. But if an American labor union believed Vietnam was allowing Vietnamese companies to pay slave wages in violation of trade commitments, the union would have to make its case in the Vietnamese courts. There is zero upside for the American citizen in this trade agreement.
  • Immigration: Both legal and illegal immigration need to be stopped until we get a handle on who is in this country. Illegals get most of the air time when we talk about immigration due to the fact that they don’t pay taxes and are using our welfare system to allow them to work for slave wages thus pushing down wages for American workers. The answer is to deport these workers not raise the minimum wage. The other 40% of our problem are immigrants who come here on H1B visas. These workers are willing to work for less then an American worker and are basically slaves to the company who brings them into the country. If you are here on a H1B visa and your employer fires you then you get deported, so these workers will work longer hours for less money and not complain. Until we have everyone working in our country that can work these programs should be shut down.
  • Taxes: Every time our nation has lowered taxes it has spurned growth in our economy. More money in manufacturers hands means they hire more people and expand their businesses. Lower taxes for the average families puts money in their hands that they put back into the economy. Our corporate taxes are the highest in the world so our businesses keep their money off-shore to avoid being strangled with the burden. If we lower these taxes the companies will bring these two trillion dollars back into our country and use it to build new businesses.
  • Muslim Refugees: Right now there are millions of Muslim refugees entering Europe and they are not assimilating, they are destroying cultures. ISIS has pledged to infiltrate these refugees and reek havoc where ever people are kindhearted enough to take them in. All of the leaders in this country, that are tasked with protecting our citizens, have advised against allowing any of these refugees into our country. If someone was to give you 10 candies and told you just one of them was poisoned how many would you eat. We haven’t vetted these people, nor can we, because there are no real records coming out of Syria.

These are five major policies and before you vote my only hope is that you see where your favorite candidate stands on them. If we don’t elect a person who is truly conservative this country will not recover from the damage of the past 7 years.





If I Were A Muslim

With recent events I thought it time to post this.

If I were a Muslim, and raised in Indonesia, I would see the U.S. as a pariah, believing it to be a cancer on the world.

If I were a Muslim, I would believe “the most beautiful sound is the morning Muslim call to prayer”.

If I were a Muslim, I would believe that I needed to “fundamentally change the fabric of this great nation”.

If I were a Muslim, I would come to the U.S. on a student visa and learn on a liberal campus how to become a community organizer.

If I were a Muslim, I would befriend an unrepentant terrorist and even goes as far as to announce my run for the White House, in his home.

If I were a Muslim, I would attend a radical church where the preacher believes that a terrorist attack on our soil is “our chickens coming home to roost”.

If I were a Muslim, I would run for the highest position in the free world and set out to divide and destroy the core values that made that nation strong.

If I were a Muslim, I would label any oppositional speech as “hate speech” and anyone with contrary thinking as “a threat to peace”.

If I were a Muslim, I would insert myself into a false narrative of police brutality so I could have my Justice Department declare local police forces unfit and push for a “Federal Police Force”, like the SS was for the German government.

If I were a Muslim, I would downplay all terrorist attacks by calling them “work place violence”, or “mass shootings”, so I could take guns away from law abiding citizens and leave them even more vulnerable.

If I were a Muslim, I would make this country’s military the smallest it has been since before WWII, all while making the U.S. look weak to it’s allies and rivals.

If I were a Muslim, I would pull our military out of Iraq against all military council and create a vacuum where Radical Islamic Terrorist could use our discarded weapons to take over large amounts of land.

If I were a Muslim, I would play down the threat of ISIS, even calling them “a j.v. team”, to give them more time to achieve their “Caliphate”.

If I were a Muslim, I would tell the world that “Climate Change is the largest threat that our world faces”, even as ISIS is beheading Christians, raping children and enslaving women.

If I were a Muslim, I would make a deal with the worlds largest state sponsor of terror giving them 150 billion dollars to promote more Jihad.

If I were a Muslim, I would only call ISIS ISIL, because by doing so it does not recognize Israel’s legitimacy as a sovereign nation.

If I were a Muslim, I would bring 100,000 Syrian refugees into our country even though every official tasked to protect this nation says there is no real way to vet these refugees, and has advised against it.

If I were a Muslim, I would announce that our borders are open, and through Executive Actions, all that enter our country will be free from prosecution.

If I were a Muslim, I would double our national debt and print 85 billion dollars a month that is dumped it into the stock market, for years, to give the illusion that I had fixed he economy.

If I were a Muslim, I would ruin our health care system, thus causing a third of our economy to collapse, so the dollar looses value and our economy falters.

If I were a Muslim, I could not use the term “Radical Islamic Terrorist”, instead I would muddy the waters by calling them typical “thugs and killers”.

If I were a Muslim, I would profess, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”.

If I were a Muslim, I would do all of these things and then find a way to suspend elections so I could finish my work.

That’s what I would do, if I were a Muslim.

Progressive Socialism

“From every man according to his ability” and to give “each man according to his needs.”

Socialism is inherent in every democratic society and it has proven to be the purist way to strip a person of their drive to succeed. The common thread is a few intellectuals will always think that they can organize a government in such a way that everyone will benefit. These bureaucrats believe they are more capable of deciding what your needs are then you are. This puts them in control of the society. Although every society that has ever adapted socialism has failed the Progressive’s rigid ideology does not allow them to see that the very people they profess to be helping, will suffer the most.

Socialism, which is the end game for the Progressive movement, is predicated on the two party system. In order for it to work the government is set up as the moderator in every aspect of a societies day to day workings. The government takes over industry because the evil rich owners were not being fair to the workers. The owners were making more money then someone not willing or capable of taking the risk of ownership. The government also takes over the banks because the big banks need to be regulated to make their practices fair. Once the government controls all the money and the industry they begin to pick winners and losers. The losers become very poor while the winners become very wealthy.

This system where the government is put in a position to take care of all of a persons needs erodes the society. Progressives will tell you that making everyone have equal results regardless of their effort is the only fair way. This mindset only encourages people who normally try hard to begin to slack off. If you went to work everyday and gave your all for eight hours and got paid the same as someone else who didn’t try very hard or not at all then why would you continue to try. Socialism does not lift the average person it seeks to pull everyone down to the lowest level.

Right now in our society with the progressive agenda in schools the millennials are being taught that regardless of their effort they should get an equal share to a person who has worked for years. They should be able to go to college for free. They should get free health care. What they are not being taught is nothing in life is free. Take the free college for example, in a capitalist society you pay for your own college which makes you work harder in high school to get accepted into college. Once you get in you try hard because when you graduate you want to get a good job to pay those loans back. Once you pay off your loans what you are making becomes your own. In a socialistic society everyone goes to college for free so they take it for granted, some will do well but most won’t care. The difference is that when you graduate, if you do, you will pay for your free college and free health care for the entire time you work by paying sixty to seventy percent of your check in taxes.

Socialism has enslaved the populous in every society that has accepted it. The idea of everyone being equal at the finish line sounds Utopian, but the reality of everyone being equal at the starting line is what releases a societies true potential. How do you make a man try to add to the general fund of wealth if he doesn’t have too? The only true way is making rewards dependent upon doing.