Progressive Socialism

“From every man according to his ability” and to give “each man according to his needs.”

Socialism is inherent in every democratic society and it has proven to be the purist way to strip a person of their drive to succeed. The common thread is a few intellectuals will always think that they can organize a government in such a way that everyone will benefit. These bureaucrats believe they are more capable of deciding what your needs are then you are. This puts them in control of the society. Although every society that has ever adapted socialism has failed the Progressive’s rigid ideology does not allow them to see that the very people they profess to be helping, will suffer the most.

Socialism, which is the end game for the Progressive movement, is predicated on the two party system. In order for it to work the government is set up as the moderator in every aspect of a societies day to day workings. The government takes over industry because the evil rich owners were not being fair to the workers. The owners were making more money then someone not willing or capable of taking the risk of ownership. The government also takes over the banks because the big banks need to be regulated to make their practices fair. Once the government controls all the money and the industry they begin to pick winners and losers. The losers become very poor while the winners become very wealthy.

This system where the government is put in a position to take care of all of a persons needs erodes the society. Progressives will tell you that making everyone have equal results regardless of their effort is the only fair way. This mindset only encourages people who normally try hard to begin to slack off. If you went to work everyday and gave your all for eight hours and got paid the same as someone else who didn’t try very hard or not at all then why would you continue to try. Socialism does not lift the average person it seeks to pull everyone down to the lowest level.

Right now in our society with the progressive agenda in schools the millennials are being taught that regardless of their effort they should get an equal share to a person who has worked for years. They should be able to go to college for free. They should get free health care. What they are not being taught is nothing in life is free. Take the free college for example, in a capitalist society you pay for your own college which makes you work harder in high school to get accepted into college. Once you get in you try hard because when you graduate you want to get a good job to pay those loans back. Once you pay off your loans what you are making becomes your own. In a socialistic society everyone goes to college for free so they take it for granted, some will do well but most won’t care. The difference is that when you graduate, if you do, you will pay for your free college and free health care for the entire time you work by paying sixty to seventy percent of your check in taxes.

Socialism has enslaved the populous in every society that has accepted it. The idea of everyone being equal at the finish line sounds Utopian, but the reality of everyone being equal at the starting line is what releases a societies true potential. How do you make a man try to add to the general fund of wealth if he doesn’t have too? The only true way is making rewards dependent upon doing.

2 thoughts on “Progressive Socialism

    1. This system erodes basic human right’s. Every society that has ever tried it has crushed the middle class and ended up with the super wealthy and the super poor. A wise man said “learn your history or your doomed to repeat it”.


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