Close Our Borders

There has been a lot of talk going back decades about closing our borders and becoming a sovereign nation again. Never has it been more in your face then during this election cycle. Trump has pushed the issue to a level that the main stream media can no longer bury it. These illegal alien’s have been a problem for the American people everyday for decades, not just for ten months of every four year election cycle. They talk about the eleven million illegal’s that are here already, can someone tell me how they are counting them if indeed they are here illegally? That real number is closer to thirty million and some have said it could be as high as fifty million. If they told you that almost seven percent of our population was here illegally, using our countries system, taking away jobs and not paying any taxes in return you may stand up in revolt then.

Ted Cruz in a debate, when asked about this problem, said that if politicians, lawyers or reporters were streaming over the border then there would be a lot more attention given to the problem. The problem of illegal’s gets a lot of play for politicians when running for office but only American citizens actually care that something gets done. The liberal’s see them as the next wave of the Democratic base. Marco Rubio has talked about legalizing these people but not citizenship when he joined Chuck Schoomer and the “Gang of Eight” to draft this legislation. How long do you think, once they are legalized, before the Progressives say that it is basically back to “voting rights act” only in Mexican form. “Taxation without representation” isn’t that why we had the revolution in the first place. The Republican party and its large business donors see illegal’s as cheap labor, workers that do not need to be insured. Through lobbyists and donations they allow the narrative of closing the borders during elections because they know nothing will ever really be done.

Donald Trump says,”I will build a wall, a big beautiful wall and Mexico will pay for it”. With the amount of aid we send to Mexico we could just keep a few billion and get it built. If we’re ever going to get it done “We the People” are going to have to do it. I am making a proposal to every worker who has been affected by illegal alien’s driving down our wages; every worker who lost work because of the inability to compete with this “slave labor”; and every family who can no longer afford health insurance while the government spends over seven hundred and fifty million dollars on health coverage for illegals. My proposal is to pledge labor or donation’s to building this wall. Please comment if you would be willing to work on securing our sovereignty and rebuilding our middle class.

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