Republican’s Have to Unite

The race for the Presidency has been a wild one as we all know this election cycle. Unfortunately we run the risk of it getting too personal. Right now two of three front runner’s are talking about ears, sweating to much, drinking to much water and peeing their pants. The problem with these kinds of attacks is they stay in people’s minds when their candidate drops out of the race. Policy issue differences are what involved voter’s want to hear, but most people are casual observers who only listen to the sound bites. A candidate can throw out a nasty slam, in a ten second soundbite, and that may be all the low information voter hears today.

When this cycle began Donald Trump announced his bid and very few people ever gave him a chance. Trump has tuned into the anger in this country over the direction we are headed. Being an outsider people¬†trust what he is saying because they don’t feel he is beholden to anyone or any Super-Pac. He has hit on illegal immigration, which has always been a talking point during election’s, by saying he will build a big beautiful wall. With the ISIS problem in the middle East and Europe he hit on the fears of our nation when he said he would stop all Muslim’s from coming into this country till we figure out what is going on. Jobs and taxes are a big issue this year, as always, and people trust a billionaire businessman to be able to fix these problems. Trump supporters are very loyal and the GOP establishment is still worried Trump will go third party if he doesn’t win the nomination.

Marco Rubio has taken over the mantle of “Establishment Candidate” after Jeb Bush suspended his campaign. Marco has always been a moderate which the GOP thinks is the way to win the general election. The establishment has thrown moderates at Republican voter’s for the last two cycles. We had John McCain, who is a rhino, in 08. Then Mitt Romney, who Obama modeled his Obamacare after, in 2012. Both of these attempts to fly middle of the road failed miserably. Rubio has not won any states thus far and he only finished 2nd once, but the main stream media has treated his recent campaign as though he is the front runner. When he came in third in Iowa he was exalted as though he won by thirty points, giving a 30 minute speech. The mainstream media covered his entire speech as though he won. When he came in 5th in New Hampshire they said under the circumstances it was a great finish for him. He has the middle of the road voter’s.

Ted Cruz is running as an “outside the belt line” candidate even though he is a U.S. Senator. Cruz is running as the only true conservative in the race. He went against the gang of 8 with amnesty. He stood against Obama’s illegal Executive Order on Amnesty. He has fought for grass roots conservative principles, that he says he was elected to¬†do. Cruz has attacked other candidates in this race but has kept the punches above the belt. He has attacked Rubio on his gang of 8 support. He has went after Trump on his past as a liberal who has donated to liberal candidates. So far Cruz has kept his criticism’s on policy not on appearances or bodily functions.

There will ultimately be one nominee and we have to hope that there is enough substance left in this nominee that the rest of the voter’s can rally around him. In 2012 enough evangelicals stayed home, due to Romney being a Mormon, that they gave the election to Obama. Obama has proven that he has no Christian beliefs, so Romney would have obviously been a better choice for the Christian electorate. The democrats will always rally around there candidate, no matter how bad they are. Republican’s need to do the same and support our candidate, whether he is your first, second or third choice. Trump’s downside is his liberal leanings, but he is way right of the Democrats. Rubio’s downside is he is to much of an establishment candidate, but he is way more conservative then the Democratic candidates. Cruz is a far right strong conservative and the electorate will be told he can not win because he won’t pick up independent’s, but strong conservative ideals will always draw in the undecided. Which ever candidate you follow right now continue to support them to the fullest. If they do not get the nomination we as Republican’s need to support the eventual nominee with the same fervor. Let me be clear on this fact, if a Democrat wins this election we are done as a nation. They will further divide the races. They will cause more people to become dependent on the system which will turn them into a larger voting class. They will load the Supreme Court with liberals who will not interpret laws based on the constitution. They will bring hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees into this nation under the guise of compassion. Republican’s have to unite.

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