Last Chance Election


Never in our history has there been an election that will be so pivotal in deciding America’s course, and no it is not because there is a women running in it. Electing a person based on gender is just as sexist as not electing her based on her gender, even if the liberal media tells you differently. This election comes down to one thing really, do you want four more years of Obama’s failed policies and a government that goes along to get along or are you looking for a change. Hillary has made hundreds of million’s of dollars being in the government and the founding fathers never planned on that being the way our government should work. Hillary is the establishment and the center piece for the Globalist agenda in our country.

What surprises me most in the last few weeks is how all of a sudden the liberal’s are so offended by words, but when John McCain ran with Sarah Palin they called her the “C” word and even had shirts made up calling her the “C” word and we heard crickets from the so called “offended” crowd. Hillary says these women that waited until she needed them to say Trump groped them should be on the front of every news paper, and so they are. When Bill had his affairs and even raped several women the so called “offended” said it was a personal issue for the Clinton family to handle in private. Bottom line the double standard and the fake stories are concocted to keep you from seeing the real issues.

Let’s take a look at what really separates these candidates and see where you fall on the issues and not on the media hype.


Trump is for closing the loopholes in our trade deals and putting America first.

Clinton is for TPP and called it the “Gold Standard” giving our sovereignty away. Trade deals will be decided by a group of countries and we must abide by them.


Trump is for building a wall and deporting illegal’s from our country in order for american  workers to be able to work at higher wages.

Clinton has dream of totally open borders allowing any and all people to come to the U.S.    without going through any screening what so ever.                                                          


Trump is for lowering taxes on all Americans both rich and the middle class which will          allow the rich to expand and hire more people and allow the middle class to keep more of what they earn.

Clinton is for raising taxes on everyone because she believes that the government can do a  better job spending your money that you can. She will be a third term for Obama so if you think things are better now than they were before he took over she is your candidate.

Foreign Policy:

Trump believes in putting America first in everything that we do. He believes that we           shouldn’t be toppling dictator’s without have a next step in place. He will tear up the nuclear deal that allows Iran to get Nuclear weapons. He will meet Putin with equal strength and keep Russia in check.

Clinton’s foreign policy is atrocious, just look at every country she touched from the             Russian reset to the Libyan fiasco and unrest. Leaving our people to die in Benghazi after 600 requests for security to the worst deal in human history where Iran got 150 billion dollars and 24 days notice for inspections and we got nothing.

My hope, no my prayer, is that the people in this country will wake up and really look at the issues and not all the smoke and mirror’s. In this election we stand to loose the Supreme Court and with it our right’s afforded us by the Constitution. Once this country goes over the ledge, into full blown socialism, there will be no way back. Please take five minutes and research Venezuela’s socialist society. Those that are rich, connected, and part of the establishment are doing just fine while the rest of the country is waiting in four hour lines for their daily rations. If Hillary gets into office this is the fate of the United States in less then ten years. So if you have a plan to get into the one percent that will live comfortably in her New United States then good for you, but the rest of us will be the little servant’s she talks about in her emails.

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