I was born to two hard working parents in small town America. I learned my work ethic from watching my parents work and struggle to raise my five brothers and sisters. When I got out of high school I worked three part time jobs until I could afford to work two. I worked two until I could afford to work just my single main job, this is why when I hear how lucky I am to have what I have or that I should somehow feel guilty for being successful it makes me see red. I am the guy you will see talking in his truck at a stop light. Thanks to technology most people think I’m on the phone but I am probably talking to my radio. I cant believe how little common sense there seems to be in this country these days. My loving wife who has been listening to me rant about what’s happening to this great nation suggested I write down my thoughts and maybe I could connect with other people in this country that just feel powerless to change the path we are on. My ultimate goal is to open up a dialog about about the problems that are destroying this great nation.  .add another page.

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