Last Chance Election


Never in our history has there been an election that will be so pivotal in deciding America’s course, and no it is not because there is a women running in it. Electing a person based on gender is just as sexist as not electing her based on her gender, even if the liberal media tells you differently. This election comes down to one thing really, do you want four more years of Obama’s failed policies and a government that goes along to get along or are you looking for a change. Hillary has made hundreds of million’s of dollars being in the government and the founding fathers never planned on that being the way our government should work. Hillary is the establishment and the center piece for the Globalist agenda in our country.

What surprises me most in the last few weeks is how all of a sudden the liberal’s are so offended by words, but when John McCain ran with Sarah Palin they called her the “C” word and even had shirts made up calling her the “C” word and we heard crickets from the so called “offended” crowd. Hillary says these women that waited until she needed them to say Trump groped them should be on the front of every news paper, and so they are. When Bill had his affairs and even raped several women the so called “offended” said it was a personal issue for the Clinton family to handle in private. Bottom line the double standard and the fake stories are concocted to keep you from seeing the real issues.

Let’s take a look at what really separates these candidates and see where you fall on the issues and not on the media hype.


Trump is for closing the loopholes in our trade deals and putting America first.

Clinton is for TPP and called it the “Gold Standard” giving our sovereignty away. Trade deals will be decided by a group of countries and we must abide by them.


Trump is for building a wall and deporting illegal’s from our country in order for american  workers to be able to work at higher wages.

Clinton has dream of totally open borders allowing any and all people to come to the U.S.    without going through any screening what so ever.                                                          


Trump is for lowering taxes on all Americans both rich and the middle class which will          allow the rich to expand and hire more people and allow the middle class to keep more of what they earn.

Clinton is for raising taxes on everyone because she believes that the government can do a  better job spending your money that you can. She will be a third term for Obama so if you think things are better now than they were before he took over she is your candidate.

Foreign Policy:

Trump believes in putting America first in everything that we do. He believes that we           shouldn’t be toppling dictator’s without have a next step in place. He will tear up the nuclear deal that allows Iran to get Nuclear weapons. He will meet Putin with equal strength and keep Russia in check.

Clinton’s foreign policy is atrocious, just look at every country she touched from the             Russian reset to the Libyan fiasco and unrest. Leaving our people to die in Benghazi after 600 requests for security to the worst deal in human history where Iran got 150 billion dollars and 24 days notice for inspections and we got nothing.

My hope, no my prayer, is that the people in this country will wake up and really look at the issues and not all the smoke and mirror’s. In this election we stand to loose the Supreme Court and with it our right’s afforded us by the Constitution. Once this country goes over the ledge, into full blown socialism, there will be no way back. Please take five minutes and research Venezuela’s socialist society. Those that are rich, connected, and part of the establishment are doing just fine while the rest of the country is waiting in four hour lines for their daily rations. If Hillary gets into office this is the fate of the United States in less then ten years. So if you have a plan to get into the one percent that will live comfortably in her New United States then good for you, but the rest of us will be the little servant’s she talks about in her emails.

Republican’s Have to Unite

The race for the Presidency has been a wild one as we all know this election cycle. Unfortunately we run the risk of it getting too personal. Right now two of three front runner’s are talking about ears, sweating to much, drinking to much water and peeing their pants. The problem with these kinds of attacks is they stay in people’s minds when their candidate drops out of the race. Policy issue differences are what involved voter’s want to hear, but most people are casual observers who only listen to the sound bites. A candidate can throw out a nasty slam, in a ten second soundbite, and that may be all the low information voter hears today.

When this cycle began Donald Trump announced his bid and very few people ever gave him a chance. Trump has tuned into the anger in this country over the direction we are headed. Being an outsider people trust what he is saying because they don’t feel he is beholden to anyone or any Super-Pac. He has hit on illegal immigration, which has always been a talking point during election’s, by saying he will build a big beautiful wall. With the ISIS problem in the middle East and Europe he hit on the fears of our nation when he said he would stop all Muslim’s from coming into this country till we figure out what is going on. Jobs and taxes are a big issue this year, as always, and people trust a billionaire businessman to be able to fix these problems. Trump supporters are very loyal and the GOP establishment is still worried Trump will go third party if he doesn’t win the nomination.

Marco Rubio has taken over the mantle of “Establishment Candidate” after Jeb Bush suspended his campaign. Marco has always been a moderate which the GOP thinks is the way to win the general election. The establishment has thrown moderates at Republican voter’s for the last two cycles. We had John McCain, who is a rhino, in 08. Then Mitt Romney, who Obama modeled his Obamacare after, in 2012. Both of these attempts to fly middle of the road failed miserably. Rubio has not won any states thus far and he only finished 2nd once, but the main stream media has treated his recent campaign as though he is the front runner. When he came in third in Iowa he was exalted as though he won by thirty points, giving a 30 minute speech. The mainstream media covered his entire speech as though he won. When he came in 5th in New Hampshire they said under the circumstances it was a great finish for him. He has the middle of the road voter’s.

Ted Cruz is running as an “outside the belt line” candidate even though he is a U.S. Senator. Cruz is running as the only true conservative in the race. He went against the gang of 8 with amnesty. He stood against Obama’s illegal Executive Order on Amnesty. He has fought for grass roots conservative principles, that he says he was elected to do. Cruz has attacked other candidates in this race but has kept the punches above the belt. He has attacked Rubio on his gang of 8 support. He has went after Trump on his past as a liberal who has donated to liberal candidates. So far Cruz has kept his criticism’s on policy not on appearances or bodily functions.

There will ultimately be one nominee and we have to hope that there is enough substance left in this nominee that the rest of the voter’s can rally around him. In 2012 enough evangelicals stayed home, due to Romney being a Mormon, that they gave the election to Obama. Obama has proven that he has no Christian beliefs, so Romney would have obviously been a better choice for the Christian electorate. The democrats will always rally around there candidate, no matter how bad they are. Republican’s need to do the same and support our candidate, whether he is your first, second or third choice. Trump’s downside is his liberal leanings, but he is way right of the Democrats. Rubio’s downside is he is to much of an establishment candidate, but he is way more conservative then the Democratic candidates. Cruz is a far right strong conservative and the electorate will be told he can not win because he won’t pick up independent’s, but strong conservative ideals will always draw in the undecided. Which ever candidate you follow right now continue to support them to the fullest. If they do not get the nomination we as Republican’s need to support the eventual nominee with the same fervor. Let me be clear on this fact, if a Democrat wins this election we are done as a nation. They will further divide the races. They will cause more people to become dependent on the system which will turn them into a larger voting class. They will load the Supreme Court with liberals who will not interpret laws based on the constitution. They will bring hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees into this nation under the guise of compassion. Republican’s have to unite.

Here comes “Crazy uncle Joe”

“Crazy Uncle Joe”, I first heard that term for Vice president Joe Biden while listening to the Sean Hannity radio program. Joe is the likable old establishment guy who was selected as the face of the other half of the Democratic party in the 2008 election. Then Senator Obama was a young black progressive full of hope and change, and Joe represented the old guard with stability and the more moderate values. On October 21st, 2015 Joe announced he would not be seeking a run for the white house in the Rose garden with President Obama looking on. At the time of this announcement he was polling at 17% amongst Democratic supporters but with over 50% wanting him to join the race. After announcing he would not run he then proceeded to give a fifteen minute campaign speech.

There is no secret about the contentious relationship between Hillary Clinton and President Obama. While running against Obama for president in 2008 Hillary accused Barack of being part of the right wing conspiracy sent to derail her campaign. She accused him of being underhanded and untruthful. All one has to do is look at the debate on Jan. 21st., 2008 to see how much these two dislike each other. Once Obama won the Presidency he didn’t just forget everything that Bill and Hillary said and did to him during the campaign, he filed it away to use at another date. I believe to stop the “Clinton Machine” from doing any more damage to Obama in the campaign, she was offered the Secretary of State position if he was the eventual winner. Once in the position as Secretary, she defied the White House on several occasions. First with her private server that the White House told her in an email not to use. Second with her refusal to sign a separation agreement, which she didn’t sign because that separation agreement requires you to then turn over all your emails to the State Department. The White House has tried to stop Hillary from becoming President with six investigations launched by longtime presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett involving Clinton’s years as Secretary of State.

The FBI has finished its investigation into Hillary’s email scandal and Director James Comey will make his recommendation to the Justice Department soon. If Hillary gets indicted on the numerous felony charges she will be disqualified from being President of the United States. Hillary’s only other real competitor is a self avowed Socialist. So here comes Crazy Uncle Joe to the rescue. Joe Biden is a human gaffe machine and the Democrats try to keep him from speaking in public as much as they can. Like telling Missouri state senator Chuck Graham to stand up at a campaign rally, before realizing that Graham is confined to a wheelchair. While describing Barack Obama he said, “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” Who could forget when he said, “In Delaware, the largest growth of population is Indian Americans, moving from India. You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.” By saying that Joe is not running it has kept the spotlight off of him and he has collected no damage from other presidential hopefuls. When Hillary goes down, he won’t have to run against his longtime friend and will be begged by the DNC, to come into the race to save the party. President Obama has has called on him to be “the man who leads the charge to cure cancer,” in his State of the Union address. If he can lead the charge to cure cancer, then being president should be easy – right? When Biden accepts the challenge, and I believe he will, who would be his running mate? I believe it will be none other the Barack Obama himself. A sitting President has never run for Vice-President but they will say that tough times will call for tough measures. Some will say that, the 12th amendment states that “no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.”  Now, that seems pretty clear – correct?  If you’re not eligible to be President, you can’t be Vice-President. Considering that Obama has already served two full terms he should be ineligible to run. However, one could also argue that the wording of the 22nd amendment only prohibits a two term president from being re-elected, not from actually holding the office.  If he meets all the eligibility requirements, he should still be able to become Vice-President, and then assume office upon the removal of his successor. We all know that “Crazy Uncle Joe” as President is just a third term of Barack Obama.


They can’t be that clueless

I just finished viewing the Democratic debate and can’t for the life of me understand how people think along these lines. Watching the candidates it is tough to figure out which one is more of the socialist. You have Martin O’Malley, who has never cracked 5% nationally and is by far the most likable of the candidates. We really don’t know where he stands on any of the issues because he gets about ten minutes of time to speak in the two hour debates. Next is Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist. When he rants in his loud and flamboyant way, I find  it hard to think of anything but Doc. Brown, the professor in “Back To The Future.” Then there is Hillary Clinton, who has spent her entire life bashing the “one percent”, a group that she has always been a part of.

As the night went on, and each of the candidates tried to be the one who gave away the most free stuff, I kept wondering when anyone would ask how they planned to pay for it. Finally, when pushed, Bernie said he would pay for his health care plan by raising taxes on the rich, along  with the middle class.  Hillary refused to answer where the money for her plans would come from. As Bernie pushed for socialized medicine with his expansion of Medicare, he put out a statistic that nobody questioned him on. The main reason for the liberals to push for Obama Care was that there were 30 million people in this country that were uninsured. Bernie said last night that his plan would close the gap on the 29 million people who still do not have coverage. So after raising all of our rates, causing companies to go to part-time employees, taxing those who couldn’t afford the new higher rates and a lot of people just losing their health plan and doctors altogether, the net gain of insured people is 1 million. For democrats, taking control of a private industry and making it more expensive and way less efficient is seen as a win, and they now boast that they will expand on the failed system and make it even worse for the American people.

Trying to make sense of all of the rhetoric will make your head hurt. When Hillary Clinton was asked why she thought millennials were supporting Bernie more than two to one, her response was they were supporting him because his health care plan covered them on their parents plan until they are 26. She said that this was important to them because most of them had graduated from college and can’t find a job. Soon after she praised Obama for the great economy we now have. Then she went out of her way to point out her plan to make college free for everyone. In what world would you be able to say that  even though there are no jobs and college students are all looking for work,   we are going to make tax payers foot the bill for even more people to become the educated unemployed. Is this a better economy?

Imagine for a moment that you own a business that the CEO has run into the ground. You would fire the CEO and hire a new one. You would give the new CEO time to put his systems in place before you expected to see results. We are seven years into our new CEO running this country and we have almost 100 million people of work. Although he doubled our debt, we have 50 million people in poverty, 46 million people on food stamps and the real unemployment rate is over 15%. When most people with common sense would distance themselves, Hillary says she is going to take over where he left off. Bernie says he will go even further off the cliff as though when something isn’t working its best to double down on it. I guess I will never understand the liberal mindset that when you work hard to achieve your goals, not only should you feel bad about your accomplishments, but guilty about having more then someone who didn’t try at all.