Hate Speech=Censorship

So how does the “Free Speech Box” work? It goes like this – when I have a thought that I’d like to express I step in the box. If you don’t like what I say and want to respond, do you now step in and I step out? The whole idea that somehow I should’t be allowed to speak because you may not like what I think is ridiculous. I guess today’s liberals were never told as children that “sticks and stones will break your bones, but words can never hurt you.” When did we as a society decide that anyone with a contrary thought is your enemy?  I wonder what debate clubs look like now that nobody can disagree. Do they pick a topic and then all sides see who can agree the most with the preordained, non-confrontational belief. Then they all get a trophy and go home?

In the sixties on college campuses they used to turn on, turn up and tune out. “You tuned out,” that was the way a college student handled not hearing a thought that they disagreed with. When you have been coddled since birth, told everything you say and do is amazing, and that everyone is a winner regardless of talent or effort, it is impossible to know how to react when you get into the real world and you’re not the central focus of all around you. In true Orwellian fashion the college campuses of today have adopted the “hate speak” ideals. The only difference between the sixties and present day is instead of tuning out an idea by walling themselves off, they shut down any contrary thought by labeling it hate speech and walling the speaker in. Does anyone know the time when liberals went from rebelling against the man to being the very thing they profess to hate the most. College campuses were the very place where all different thoughts and ways of life were expressed. Young people from around the world would be thrust into a small college society where different backgrounds and cultures would shape an individual like a potter molds clay. Today’s slogan for our universities should be “send us your coddled masses.” On one campus there was construction taking place and a truck that belonged to one of the workers was parked off campus, but could be seen from the front of a building. In the back window was a rebel flag so the Dean of students had the truck removed so that nobody would have to see it and be offended. She later held a meeting with all students to apologize. These are our next so called leaders and the sight of a rebel flags sends them into a downward spiral. They are the first to profess their superiority in thought and tell you what should and shouldn’t say, but can not even control their own emotions if they see something that they disagree with. Don’t misunderstand, I myself find the rebel flag offensive,but I will defend a person’s right to display it. At what point in this country did we turn over our free speech to the politically correct police, where they get to decide what you can say and to whom you can say it. Who will protect these students’ fragile minds if they were to leave campus and God forbid they run into that truck at a gas station.

Have you noticed that the people preaching tolerance are the most intolerant?  If you believe in gay marriage you are considered compassionate but if you believe that marriage is between a man and a women you are shouted down. As Americans, these differences of opinion and our freedom to debate it is what made us great. Does anyone remember when Germany shut down its free press and picked a common enemy for everyone to think the same way about? By not hearing all sides of an issue, where everyone is free to say what they feel, you will never truly evolve your thinking. Unfortunately for our country right now if you disagree with the collective conscious you are portrayed as a person infringing on others rights. For them there is one chosen way to think, to express yourself and to be an “individual”. They will tell you when they agree enough with your thoughts for it to be your turn to speak.